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Hi! I am Minal, a female, a runner, New Delhi Based Software Professional and an ardent travel enthusiast.

I have grown up reading Enid Blyton books and the little adventures in the book would take my heart away. Once I started working in 2007, I got my financial freedom to travel; but I always had to persuade my friends for the trips. The dynamic got changed when I got married in 2011 with Raghav. Together we love to travel, and have travelled many places. I welcomed my daughter, Smaira into this world in 2014 and society tried to scare us enough that having a baby would stop our travel.

The real twist in life came when my Raghav was posted to London in 2015. We travelled around Europe with Smaira.


Hi! I am Raghav, from the City Beautiful Chandigarh!!!

I work as a finance professional in New Delhi and has accepted Delhi as the place which help me earn, while all other places as the ones for which I yearn!!! I realised my latent love for travelling after having met Minal who is an explorer in true sense and has always dared to experiment with life. I love composing poems, sketching, of course travelling particularly with my family and there are few bits which I shall unravel in times to come.

In this blog, we both shall share our experiences, tid-bits about life, the musings with our daughter and all that a family should do together!!! We’ve so far travelled more than 12 countries and our biggest strength has been our daughter, Smaira. Through this blog, we, strive to entertain, educate on travelling tricks-n-tips, and spread the message of love and happiness to each & every life we can touch!!!

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