Daughter and Dad!!!

Here’s a different blog post dedicated to my lovely daughter:

I hold her with an embracing warmth,

She unchains herself & runs away,

Oblivious and innocent, she hides behind the curtains,

The game of ‘hide-n-seek’ makes my day!!!

She is angry and gets annoyed with me,

For having found her every time,

But the monkey dance cheers her madly; my every move is worth a dime!!!

Mom asks her, who do you love more?

She answers by giving me kisses & hugs,

When asked a second time what else she loves,

She doesn’t miss counting her teddies, toys and pugs.

At night she’s got her stories to tell me the nth time,

And cuddles in morning to avoid those chores,

A tickle in her tummy and bath from papa is all needed, to make her ready on the floor.

She detests food, but has a sweet tooth for chocolates,

Pizza over peas, and she’s ready for the same,

When asked to dance, she jumps up & down,

But carries swag of a celebrity fame!!!

She’s an artist at heart, and covers my face with her makeup act;

Unbuttons my shirt on returning home; but complaints, “Why are you late, as a matter of fact???”

She asks me to collect feathers and stones,

To play with them in her playhouse dome,

Little does she remember she doesn’t play with them when back;

But I cherish the collected treasury safe at home!!!

Prompts me to not call her baby anymore, “I’m a grown-up princess”, she says,

From being her ‘father’ to being her ‘friend’, I’ve come a long long way!!!

She fights me, calls me a slow poke,

For asking her to walk slow, for asking her to not run,

Little does she know my shadow hovers above, to protect her while she’s having fun!!!

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