Princess – Smaira

I hold in my hands a bundle of joy,

a teedly-weedly princess, a teedly-weedly toy!!!

Look at your smile, a half crescent moon,

with all your cudly woos, the connection is naturally tuned!!!

A path less travelled, with your feet in my hands,

today’s baby and tomorrow’s toddler, one day, you’ll hold my finger and stand!!!

I wish your hair do not groom to be like my hair curls 🙂

it would’ve been fun having a boy,

it’s super-awesome having a girl!!!

Your mum had to go through real tough times,

but with you around, the difficulties now are a distant chimes…

I thank your mum for making our wish come true,

You are my BEST LOVE baby, your mum is my FIRST LOVE too!!!

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