Fight against Covid-19

Human history has witnessed massive outbreaks/pandemics like the Bubonic Plague, Spanish flu, Small pox and Cholera etc in the past and has come out really strong!!! In today’s time, the corona virus, or Covid-19 has jolted us but we’ll come out as a strong Winner, yet again!!! Here’s a small poem:

We are in the middle of a crises, it’s time to act strong,

Let’s all fight for a common cause,

Let’s not scuffle who is right, who is wrong!!!

Time is the testament to the tenacity of human race,

United we need to stand again albeit with physical space!!!

Ever since the outbreak, the world is in a rout,

Ever since the human existence, the purpose of life is to find its way out!!!

Ailment is approaching fast, it is time we shift the gear,

We may be weakened, but a weakened tiger has no fear!!!

It’s time we take proactive steps wherever we are,

For the distance between being hit or miss is not too far!!!

The fight against virus may be the toughest walk,

Let us all hoard the essentials of courage, kindness and wisdom stock!!!

It’s time we survive and just do not sustain,

Let’s treat everybody equal, without hatred, without disdain!!!

Remember, with investigations and recoveries all around,

The moment of victory awaits our homecoming with happiness abound!!!

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