Wake up Call!!!

Till death do us apart,

Well, time’s up with death staring at us,

and all we could plead for is another chance to make a new start!!!

We enslaved animals and decided when can they freely roam,

today we stand imprisoned in our very own home!!!

We killed them all and ate them without remorse,

the silent tears has wrecked us all with full force!!!

We’ve damaged Earth unrestrained and without looking back,

Without becoming one with nature, our fabric of future was sure to crack!!!

Plagues, diseases, Earthquakes & Tsunamis, how many warnings do we expect to receive?

It’s time we learn and change ourselves, before only a few are left to bereave!!!

Science was a way to understand nature, and religion a tool to give meaning to life,

We’ve exploited the knowledge to act like God on Earth, creed has been the reason for hatred and strife!!!

It’s time to slowdown, let the mother Earth replenish and restore,

Let us all walk an extra mile and make an effort,

Let us all walk through the righteous door!!!

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