Once a friend asked Why?

Maybe she never wanted to give life a second chance, a second try!!!

Why do I exist, why am I here,

Tears in her eyes, I continued to stare!!!

Kept looking for some ray in a marooned heart,

Was it the beginning, or an end to the start?

Who am I, why do I exist,

I survive as a decaying dead, with unfolded fists!!!

What am I doing, what do I know,

Am I content with life, no no no!!!

Why does my past haunt me today,

Why couldn’t I move on, why did I’ve to stay?

Why did my friends leave, why do memories remain,

I wait for someone over the window, but all in disdain!!!

These conundrums, would they haunt me for life,

I feel dead, dead of strife!!!

Why do I compare myself with others, the present with my past,

Is there a satisfaction level I could ever reach,

In the pool of life so mysterious and vast!!!

Why do I call myself the controller of my life,

When up in the sky lives the one with the Key,

Is my existence a reality I doubt,

When I’m dictated by this society you see!!!

I say life is precious, live it to the fullest,

She says, the day her questions get answered, she’ll let her soul peacefully rest!!!

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