Deep and funny-Part 2

Well, last time my post was ‘Deep and funny’ and this once is second in line to my earlier conversation with my five year old daughter, the last one can be accessed here.

Last time our discussion ended with what happens when a mosquito dies and I told her the dead ones go to God!!! We didn’t discuss anything further on how is God’s home, what is heaven or hell or anything of that sort!!!

Last night, my daughter throws a question next in line to our earlier conversation:

Sara (my daughter): You told me the dead goes to God, but I can still see the mosquito either stuck in the racket or on the floor. Papa, they are still here, you were wrong, they are still here, just that they aren’t moving or flying anymore.

Me: Yes, only the bodies are, the soul is already gone little Sara!!!

Sara: Soul, what is it?? And I didnt see anything going up!!!

Me: Well, you need to understand the concept of body and soul with the help of a balloon. Now tell me, what happens when a balloon bursts?

Sara: The burst balloons are generally lying on the floor, simple!!!

Me: And what happens to the air inside a balloon?

Sara: Gone!!!

Me: Exactly, see the balloon is our body and the air inside is the soul. Balloons fly till the time they have air inside and they are gone when air is gone. You don’t see this air moving out but it goes somewhere, right? Likewise, when mosquitoes are dead, the soul goes to the God & what remains behind is just the body. Do you get it now? (looking at her in all excitement and anticipation)

While I was thinking what her next question could be, she’s like:

Sara: Oh now I recall where I’d kept my balloons yesterday, come Papa, lets go and play with one!!!

And in a whiff she was gone playing with her balloons not really being bothered about the soul or air or mosquitoes 🙂 I had another face palm moment!!!!

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