Door to Heaven – A memorable weekend trip to Durdle Door!!!

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are keeping well and enjoying reading my blog posts. Today’s post is slightly different. Yes, it is not another travelogue of a European trip, but rather a local visit in England to the following places in the order:

From London –> Durdle Door –> Bournemouth Beach –> Salisbury Cathedral –> Stonehenge –> London

And it was a lovely weekend trip for my entire family. We probably had the best time and weather supported our journey throughout.

Time: Sept 2018

Day 1

We always used to adore the images of Durdle Door when seen on the internet and we always wanted to be here someday. It was September 2018 and this weekend we drove from London to Durdle Door. It was a three hour journey and what a splendid road trip it was!!! We didn’t halt enroute as we wanted to spend maximum time at Durdle Door.

Tip: It’s an amazing route to the place with very scenic views throughout.

Durdle Door

The weather was perfect with a nice cold breeze throughout the day. After having parked our car, we walked to the Durdle Door which is approx. 10-15 minutes of walk from the parking lot. Truly, the view was splendid and felt like it was a door to Heavens!!!

A pose with my daughter!!!

The whole surroundings had an awesome aura. This was one place which I asked my wife to describe and she was like, “It feels like the time has just stopped and has given us a clandestine moment to immerse in the nature or let nature immerse in us!!!

From the top, Durdle Door is on the right and one need to trek/walk down to the Durdle Door beach. On the left was a rocky beach and unoccupied. We decided to take a left way forward and we were greeted by the following views:

After having thoroughly enjoyed here for a long time (literally the entire beach belonged to us with nobody around), we decided to head back but to our surprise, the only way out was to climb a very steep mountain or go all the way back to the starting point from where the left descent started.

We decided to climb up the mountain. Initially there were trails, but slowly the trails faded away and we were in the midst of nowhere. We didn’t even know where it would lead us to even if we reach at the top. It got a little scary considering nobody was around to help but then the views from the mountain couldn’t have gotten any better!!!

Lulaworth Cove

Having walked for two hours with our daughter, we finally reached a well carved out path and then paced our way to Lulaworth Cove (around 1 km from there).

Lulaworth is a small village with lot of eateries, ice-cream shops and of course the famous “Cove”. It was a nice place to spend some time and have a meal. Our daughter had an ice-cream here. Pity, we did not take pictures of this place; but it’s a beautiful place to visit.

After visiting Lulaworth Cove, we headed back to the Durdle Door. This was quite distant and our daughter started to feel tired by now. So, we decided to take the hypotenuse but with lots of stairs to help our daughter. It took us approx. 40 minutes to be back to square one (it usually takes less time, we were too slow while coming back)

Happy and content, we picked up our car and went to our pre-booked hotel in Bournemouth to rest for the day. The hotel (Britannia Hotels) was very basic, as we did not want to pay much (definitely not a recommendation).

Day 2

Bournemouth Beach

We started our day with the Bournemouth Pier that’s located on the beach. To be fair, this was a regular beach and a little crowded for our liking. So, we just spent some time flying kite with our daughter.

The only respite to our eyes was a gentleman flying sports kite and was a treasure to watch.

Salisbury Cathedral

We moved to our next stop – Salisbury Cathedral. But we were little disappointed since the visitors were not allowed inside the Cathedral on that day. We wanted to really go and see the Cathedral but couldn’t do so. We had our lunch here and spent most of our time in the garden. The garden outside is quite nice.


And we drove to our next destination Stonehenge.

Tip: There are two ways you can explore this place.

Expensive way: Park the car, buy the tickets, board the bus, reach the spot really close, spend time here, board the bus, come back and drive out.

Inexpensive way: Park the car, don’t buy the ticket, walk to the spot, spend time here, walk back to the parking lot and drive out.

We decided to go with inexpensive route. So, we parked our car (free) and walked towards the Stonehenge. There is a 2 km walk (one way) and it felt even longer with a kid while returning back. On our way, the weather was very good and could see horded of tourists who preferred to walk. On reaching at the spot, the view was marvelous. The advantage to ticket holders was that they could go really close to the stones lying at the spot. But we ended up having equally great views when we walked a little farther. If you are planning to visit this place, my strong recommendation: Go without ticket and walking is also good for your health and London weather perfectly support this adventure. Here are the pics:

Also there are many Stonehenge Barrows on the way to the spot which are worth checking out.

We finally came back and drove back to London after having bought a memento from here to preserve our everlasting moments.


  1. You can park your car at Durdle Door and visit Durdle Door and walk to Lulaworth Cove and back (1.2 miles walk one way)
  2. No need to buy Stonehenge ticket, just watch the views without ticket

Note :

  1. Parking Charges at Durdle Door are :
    1. All Day Parking (until 9pm or dusk) – £10.00
    1. Up to 4 hours – £5.00

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