White Cliffs of Dover

Sept, 2018

White Cliffs of Dover

We’ve always loved going for long walks, trails and roads less traveled. So this time we decided to visit the White Cliffs of Dover (day trip) with our 4 year old daughter to enjoy the countryside.

Dover is a region of English coastline facing France. Technically this is one place where you get to be in one country and view another. Yes, while we were in Dover (United Kingdom), we could actually see coastline of France.

French Coastline as seen from United Kingdom!!!

This place is a two hour drive from Ealing Broadway, London and we started at eight in the morning. The road trip to this place is very scenic and once you are here, the light house, the chalk accented streaks at the cliffs really mesmerises you. However, it would need a walking of 3kms. from Parking Point to South Forland lighthouse (6kms. round trip).

We parked our car at White Cliffs of Dover Visitor Centre. If you are history buff, you can visit the Dover visitor centre to gather more information. We decided to head straight for our walk to the Lighthouse.

A view from the parking lot

Here are the views that we witnessed and remain etched in our hearts forever!!!

We leisurely strolled here and also sat by the beautiful cliffs and watched the view of the ocean and the French coastline. The sun shone bright but with a nice breeze. If possible, do carry along hat and shades.

On our walking trail (the cliffs stretch around for almost 13km), we were pleasantly greeted by a family of horses. We, particularly our daughter, Smaira had a good time to watch them play.

After a long walk, we reached the lighthouse and this was the milestone for us as we had viewed from a distance apart.

Once there, the place was buzzing with lot of people. We took our food along, had a small picnic and flew kite (we bought here). Smaira loved flying the kite and it was a jumbo one. We did not buy ticket for lighthouse since it was quite crowded. Guys, there is small café here, where you can have tea/coffee cakes etc, but prefer to take your food along since it gets quite crowded.

After having spent truck load of time here, we started back the 3kms. walk back to the parking station. After reaching halfway, we realized we had forgotten our Canon DSLR on one of the benches near the lighthouse. Not only the moment of realisation shook us but also left us a little dumbstruck. We had three options in front of us:

  • All three of us to walk back and get it. This was definitely out considering the tiny legs were already tired.
  • I could’ve gone alone but then it was my wife, Minal who was last using the camera and knew exactly where she’d left it.
  • Third, Minal would go back; get the camera, while we both continue to walk slowly towards the parking lot.

All three of us agreed on the third option and decided to execute it. So, while Smaira and I headed north, Minal headed south!!!

Here is how my wife described the experience of going back to get the camera:

When I started walking, I started with a brisk walk, since it was getting dark quite fast. I even ran in between to cover as much as I can and as fast as I can. Finally, as I reached the the lighthouse, the gates were already closed and there were three guys having booze at a caravan nearby. Essentially it meant that intend to stay back for the night. To be honest, being a woman, I was quite scared. But I threw my bag on the other side of the gate, limbed over, trespassed and reached at the spot where the camera was lying. Picked it up, packed in the bag, and came back as fast as I could (but did not run, since I wanted to look confident).

I had a brief call with her to check on her and considering she had less than ten percent battery life left in her phone. Finally, all three of us united in the parking lot and by now it was dark.


  1. UK is very safe and one can easily move around even in the dark.
  2. It is a long stony walk (6kms.), so plan and go!!!
  3. Ticket Price: South Forland Lighthouse: 6 pounds /adult and 3 pound/child
  4. Parking: Available at the White Cliffs of Dover Visitor Centre
  5. South Forland lighthouse – closes at 5:30

With beautiful memories, we drove back home late in the night.

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