Kill the Killer – Drive II

Friends, we carried our 2nd successful drive in which we targeted a dwelling of daily wage workers, unskilled workers, and families who are trying to cope up against the storm while sailing in their respective boats. We researched a little and found out 30 odd families living near Sector-11 Dwarka Metro Station.

After having found them, we got to know how there has been no job/earnings for them for quite some time now! We were told that many have left for their native places and the ones remaining are from far places like Bengal, Bihar which makes it impossible for them to travel or fund the travel with families. We were surprised to know that for a few, a call would be made by their construction contractor in the morning, but when they would make themselves available, they would be squarely informed about no work at the last moment, hence no wage for the day.

So, with the total count of families being 30, we decided to fund the ration for them by providing them the staple food comprising of Chana Dal (pulses), Rice and cooking oil. We decided to procure 5kg rice for each family, 2 kg of dal and 1 bottle (1 liter) of cooking oil. We procured in bulk and the sacks were packaged into packets for each family.

We assimilated all the information about the families living in this area with the help of a young boy living here, studying in Class X. He knew every family, the number of members in the family and who all are present and who all have left for their native villages. We got the list prepared and got it verified by another girl living in this area. I hope we all realize sooner than later how education brings in all the difference between the giver and the receiver. This boy named Sahil proved to be our biggest asset on the day of the distribution.

Finally, I and Minal, and cousins, Meenu and Sanjula drove down to the place early in the morning and started distributing the packages we made for each family. Here’s a glimpse of how the things proceeded:

The fight has begun and we are ready to fight this virus head on!!!

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