Kill the Killer – Drive 4

8th May 2021

Our drive this time was not just another drive but a drive backed by not just the spirit to kill the killer but even the wherewithal to do so! We became a bigger group of friends/family who are ready to fight this menace head on!!!

We would also like to mention that the approach this time was a tad better organized with learnings and lessons learnt from previous drives. We happened to approach Mr. Sanjay, working with Delhi Police to guide us about the areas full of daily wage workers/construction laborers who are out of job/earnings. And with a little research about the place as suggested by Mr. Sanjay, we were able to work for the distressed lot living in Sector-17 (near the Police Station), Dwarka. There are a total of 42 families living here (many families have already moved/migrated to their native villages).

Minal and I went a day prior, visited the place, talked to the locales, prepared a list of family heads living here, their needs and requirements and how this pandemic has pushed them off the hook mercilessly. We could prepare a list of 42 families with an average of 4 members per family.

The Final List

We also changed our approach this time. We decided to give at least a month’s ratio/staple requirement this time for each family so as to make it possible for them to tide over the current tsunami. Accordingly, after having gathered inputs, and with a larger set of family members/friends supporting us, we procured 25kg Rice, 5kg Chana dal, 1 liter cooking oil for every family. To give a glimpse, here’s the snapshot summary:

As this wasn’t going to be easy for two of us to ferry such huge load in our i-20, we asked these people if there are any auto/electric Rickshaw drivers in the community. Luckily, there were few who lived here but were not able to generate income during these testing times. We asked two drivers to visit the wholesaler from where the procurement was to happen. In an hour, we were able to load the supplies in 2 autos and our car. The friends who supported us for the drive this time included Punit, Madhur, Khevna, Saloni, Shilpi and us.

With high spirits, in the evening, we reached at the community and started distributing the supplies with the help of these volunteers/rickshaw drivers by visiting each and every home. We started the distribution at 530 p.m. and it lasted till 8 p.m.

We also had few spare toys to distribute which were given to the kids of the volunteers.

Here are few more pics:

We also happened to meet an old couple, who were down but definitely not out and full with positivity. Here’s a pic of them:

After having finished the drive, we came back home, sanitised ourselves and the car thoroughly, took a bath. I went to my cousins place to get my daughter back while Minal prepared for dinner.

And I would like to mention that we are particularly very thankful to all our friends, cousins and friends of friends who have not only encouraged us but have been very concerned about our safety as well and has also contributed to funding this drive like the earlier drive. A warm thank you to all of you, without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

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While we kiss…

Oh, my love, do not say a word, let the unspoken be read by our lips, while we kiss…

Happy birthday my love…

Here’s a poem I wrote for my wife (we call her Mini at home) on her 37th birthday, hope you all like it: My dearest Mini, It’s been a while, the way I’ve seen you grow, not once, twice or thrice, but multiple times in a row! You’ve shown resilience and strength, even during the…


My love, Listen to your excited heart, beating inside my chest, While I hold you tight and embrace you in my arms, You may kiss all over and bring it to rest!!!

Hoping to share another exciting drive with you very soon, until then, take care and stay safe!

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