Kill the Killer – Drive 5

Hello Friends

Hope everyone is keeping safe!

I bring yet another experience of having undertaken the drive to fight against this deadly virus. It took sometime to publish this one though.

I remember having watched an amazing Campaign starring Shah Rukh Khan about LEAD INDIA, sponsored by Times of India. I think this was a very important message and the relevance of this message is even more significant today. For those who are not aware about this great message esp. delivered by an amazing orator and mass-puller, Shah Rukh Khan, please have a look:

14th May 2021

In this drive, we started exploring Sector-14 Dwarka daily wagers/laborer’s and unskilled workers. We were able to find a community of 25 families living here, with many having migrated to their native villages.

This time, we both got the support from Minal’s brother, Navendu who was kind enough to search, research and distribute the ration/supplies. We distributed supplies for a month to these families comprising of Chana dal, rice and oil as detailed below:

The drive was sponsored by the lovely people, Maansi bhabhi, Gaurav and Anish.

Before you go through all the pics, there was a girl named Kumari who stood out. She lives here with her mother . Her father died 3-4 years back. She is 12th pass with 75% marks and has done diploma in computers. From last 2years she has done nothing at all, she left her studies after her father’s death. While I interacted with her , she looked more in need of a job. I asked her about her certificates but unfortunately she didn’t have any as she left them back in her village. We could do nothing more than giving ration, but the conversation will last with us forever.

Kumari who is 12th pass with 75% , holding a diploma in computers stay here.

Here are the pics of the drive:

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