Warrior – a poem

Hi friends

I stumbled across this beautiful poem written by Can Roberts:

Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did:

Every poet is a warrior,

but not all warriors are poet,

Here we are, a fearless warrior,

we are a voice, we cease to be quiet,

The pen is our, sword,

And the book our battlefield.

Every poet is a warrior,

fighting in silence and behavior,

Words are our bullet superior,

Always avoiding masses, to win her battles interior,

Above all flaws, before poet, comes a seignior.

Every poet is a warrior,

a freedom fighter,

fighting emotions, portions and creation,

we divide our plans in stanzas,

shooting a direct bomb in rhymes,

we fear not to touch the best,

we care not to save the rest.

we come last to beat the first,

we are the freedom fighters.

Every poet is warrior,

who win a tough battle without arms,

we killed the best without harms,

before kings, we act our barms,

and speak in tranquility,

then drop our words in provability.

Every poet is warrior,

who don’t sleep at night,

placing her judgment right,

before, the weak and might,

breaking records of day and night.

Every poet is a warrior,

who leave his domain,

joining the birds in the forest,

looking for words-leave to the sick emotional,

learning the move of trees, winds and snakes,

To heal some lunatics,

Every poet is warrior,

fighting for peace and love,

a warrior under sun without gun,

yet he conquers the victim.

@Can Roberts (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021714301225173/user/100015696370747/)

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