Happy birthday my love…

Here’s a poem I wrote for my wife (we call her Mini at home) on her 37th birthday, hope you all like it:

My dearest Mini,

It’s been a while, the way I’ve seen you grow,

not once, twice or thrice,

but multiple times in a row!

You’ve shown resilience and strength,

even during the times when you were low,

you’ve acted upon fast,

while everybody around was slow!

You’ve been hurt at times,

but you bring a smile to every face around,

no matter what the world say or think,

I’ll always love you for holding your ground!

From being a ‘quick to react’ person to a concerted listener,

you’ve moved the needle at an early stage,

from ‘living with others’ to ‘living for others’,

you’ve set the bar at a very high stage!!!

I’ve loved you always,

I’ve started feeling you more now,

even when you are not around,

I can hear you in my heart somehow!!!

Today you turn 37 while I’m 39,

I proudly say, forever you are mine!!!



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