Happy Mother’s Day

Image by Harryarts on Freepik

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I wish all the beautiful mothers out there, a very happy Mother’s Day. And to celebrate this feeling, I’ve penned a small poem for all the mothers without whom there could not have been any start to this world. I particularly dedicate this poem to my mother, for being so tenderly, caring and humane in every walk of life; to my mother-in-law who I always felt like having a girl-friend besides the daughter (Minal) she gifted me as my wife; to aunty Brin, who has been a pillar of strength and God-sent person on Earth, and to Megha’s (Minal’s friend) mother with whom I connected heart to heart for reasons known to God. Thankyou all.

In the land we call home, a blessed place,

I wish you a happy Mother’s Day,

To every Yashoda, Devaki and Janaki maa out there,

To every mother who brought us here with grace!!!

When God could not resist living without mother,

He decided to be born as Ram & Krishna, with all the magic he could hurl,

When God could not be here on Earth,

He created ‘Mother’ to protect this world.

Whenever I fall, ‘Maa’ is the only word I speak,

No matter what all riches life brings,

The only thing I long for is the moment when you kiss on my cheeks.

You call me your moon; you call me your star,

Do you know it is your celestial light,

which makes us shine from afar!!!

A happy Mother’s Day,

To my mother, for holding me tight to not go astray,

To your mother, for making me understand different shades of grey!!!

To a mother, for having taken care of my daughter like her own,

To a mother, whom I loved for no reason known!!!

I wish I could call each one of you, to express my love one more time,

I wish health to each one of you,

A heartfelt wish that all mothers just age like fine wine!!!

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