Teary eyes!!!

We, the ‘citizens’ of a country, have devolved to be exceptionally sick,

We, a retarding society, racing to hell with every single tick!

While the criminals had committed the act, we are partners in crime,

The cruelty a kid goes through, when it’s an age to recite poems and rhymes!!!

Instead of love and care, it is the physical & mental agony we shower upon you,

You’ll die in mother’s womb, else, we, the ‘citizens’ of India, knows how to get rid of you!!!

An act of criminality, and the culprit is camouflaged under the shield of juvenilism,

We see her as a little deity, we see her as a commodity of lust, for us, it is a matter of convenience!!!

Sadly, important is not the pain inflicted upon, skewed is our importance to caste, religion & creed,

We say we come from a land of ‘tolerance’, we are far from being a land of dignity indeed!

We’ve been slaves, we know the atrocities accrued to us in the past,

Let’s not forget her ‘Right to Live’, let’s not replicate history, else our existence wouldn’t last!!!

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