14th Page

Conversation between Yamraj and a dead guy:

I got up from my sleep and asked the guy standing in front of me,”Who the hell are you dude?”

I am Yamraj & this is hell; mind you, there’s only one person here who can be rude!!!

Maharaj, How did I get here, I was fit n fine,

Fit n fine people also come here, this isn’t a place to invite and dine!!!

Now I’m sad, and dead, can you please recite my story?

You are a wasted lot buddy, boring and with no glory!!!

Mar gya hun Yamraj, please ek ichcha puri kar do, mann ko shanti mil jayegi,

Hmmm…Chitragupt, iski kitaab le aao, humein bhi kissi ki duayein lag jayengi!!!

Conversation between Chitragupta & Yamraj:

Maharaj, iss par dhyaan mat dein, yahan apsaryein aur devon ke issue chal rahe hain,

Demand is more than the supply, please iss baat par dhyaan karein!!!

Humein mat batao Chitragupta humein kya hai karna,

Le aao iski karmon ki kitaab, surue karein usko padna!!!

Bhool hui Maharaj, iski booklet kholta hun,

13 pannon ki hai iski kahani, kahan se padna suru karun?

Conversation between all three:

I object my Lord, I mean Yum Maharaj, Chitragupt ki khud ki kitaab kahan,

Beta, don’t enter into wrong territory, Chitragupt hi hai yahan ka Pitamah!!!

Chitragupt: Ab kya bolein maharaj, isne kiya hai jeevan vyarth,

“Chitragupt, I do not underatand, why there’s no dearth of fools on earth?”

Maharaj, kami create karne ke liye hi isse yahan bulaya hai,

Kadai mein daalkar aahuti dein, yehi ek suljha upaay hai!!!

Dead Guy: Naukri kar leta, paisa thoda jud jata agar,

Yamraj: Manager ki daant fatkar se beta, suicide kar leta bohut pehle magar!!!

By calling you early, we saved your time,

Visit narkha tourism, it’s worth every unearned dime!!!

I’m not even married Maharaj, sukh to asli bhoga nahin,

Chal re pagle rulayega kya, biwi to maarkar faink deti hain!!!

If life cycle has to end so sudden, why create it at first place?

“Question to be noted Chitragupta, please make an entry on 14th Page!!!”

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