Poem from Indian Olympic Winners

On the occasion of Rakhi, I tie this medal on your wrist,

In a motherland named India, but a patriarchal society to live with,

In a sundry hope if this win clear out the toxic mist!!!

You associate the medal as an honour for all,

I revere the same as a sacred thread of my protection,

I wrestle; I play badminton and golf,

Can your focus now shift away from girl child, child marriage and other dissections?

I come from Haryana, I come from Hyderabad, but my heart beats for India till last,

I am draped with bronze and silver, why for my country folk it’s important to know my caste?

“I am a girl child”, I might not have lived till day,

With joy & delight all around, think, these celebrations may have never stayed!!!

Is there any pleasure in rapes, you assume? Don’t your hands shiver when you beat?

My hands don’t shiver when hitting the shuttle; I know how to scuttle between wants and need!!!

I am a wrestler and have the strength to fight; I choose not to fight you my brothers,

Give us the freedom and liberty to live, and see our flag unfurl on flying feathers!!!

We are your daughters; we are your little sisters,

Raksha bandhan is a symbol of love and brothers’ shield,

We are not born servants; education, jobs and sports are our natural fields!!!

– A poem by Olympics winner!!!

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