In memory of Nirbhaya

Tonight……..I got free,

Free from this world so inhumanly cruel,

free from this ‘cultured’ society where men belie,

tonight, I die, with my soul not resting in peace!!!

They said, “If you are a good girl, stay always within the shackles of your home!”

I asked, “Isn’t this country my abode where I can step out?”

I wanted to become a Good Samaritan someday,

only for what, to be so brutally bulldozed about???

Today, it’s the death of a nation;

it’s not the death of a Girl,

Think aloud you men, you were born to a mother too,

who could’ve been dead, as yet another Girl!!!

I am dead, but my soul continues to cry,

I have nothing to gain by punishing the accused,

there are girls like me who want to fly,

I have everything to lose, if they are also abused!!!

I request you all to save the future from this black present,

I pray Lord for bringing much sanity around,

As God couldn’t be present everywhere, realize,

we are the exceptional gift, we are the God’s treasure,

In few years if You do not bring the change,

We’ll either be extinct or never be found!!!

-By Nirbhaya

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