Wish of a massacred girl

Good night and a kiss on my head,
“Mumma, who knew the next day I’ll be dead?”
The unpacked doll father got the other day,
“Papa, give it to a crying lad,For she may not get another chance, another day!!!”
You struggled so hard, for daily loaf of bread,
Only to be nuked to pieces of flesh!!!
The burnt page taught us God is one!
My school was my temple, a place to not fear, a place to not run…
We all played with each other with no reluctance,
We knew no different religions, no borders, and no fence(s)!!!
I yearned to learn and serve people well,
I wished those bombs were backyard crackers, or cherished school bell!!!
Mumma, you may no longer wait at porch,
& Papa, please take care of her, for you are her only source,
“Dear gun-man, who won after all, please think with a pause,
Killing is not life, loving is the greatest cause!!!”

-a massacred kid in Pakistan

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