Here’s one of my recent conversation with my daughter, I just thought about composing a poem about it. Hope you all enjoy reading!!!

Why am I not present in any wedding pics of yours?

Asked my daughter with folded arms, eagerly waiting, for an answer worth waiting for!!!

I say, “Did you ask Mumma, why weren’t you there?”

“You answer first Papa, don’t make excuses here!!!”

No excuses Ms. Curious, you were busy playing with Gods up in the sky,

You could’ve asked God to send me down for a night, but did you really try?

Why for one night, we asked for you from God forever,

And since you arrived, life has been fun altogether!!!

But Mumma tells me, 5 years back, I was in her tummy,

Yes, you were, my little girl, with inquisitive ears of a bunny!!!

But how did I move from God up to here?

That’s easy, we wished for a ‘girl’ with a name of Smaira,

And God granted us the wish for which we care!!!

She kept silent and was thoughtful about the talk we had,

While I wondered what could be coming next, she said, “I’m off to play!!!” And I was glad!!!

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