Moments of fun!!!

It happened when one day I went to pick up my daughter after school. So here goes my conversation with her (she’s 4.5 years old):

Me: So, how was your school today?

Sara (my daughter’s name): It was good!!!

Me: And, what did you eat in lunch?

Sara: I had ladybird and it was very tasty!!!

Me: What, ladybird? How could you? How did you even hold it?

Sara: Why not, it was cut into pieces and I picked one piece at a time to eat it!!!

Me (face-palmed): How can you even do that Sara? We’ve never had ladybirds for food at home, what urged you to eat the same at school?

Sara: Papa, we’ve had it so many times at home. You also eat it, don’t you remember?

Me (quizzically): I also like it??? Did you eat ladyfingers?

Sara (saying it in the most innocent way): No, it was ladybird only Papa!!!

Me (with a subtle smile on my face): Was it green in color and cut into long pieces?

Sara: Yes, yes!!!

Me: Oh my God, Sara, you had ladyfingers and not ladybird!!! 🙂

And I laughed out loud while re-telling this episode to my wife!!!

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