What about Children – I say ‘Innocence’

One morning my 4 and a half-year-old daughter (Sara) came to me and said,

Sara: Papa, shall I tell you something about what happened in School today?

Me: Go ahead!

Sara: But its a secret between us, okay?

Me: Okay!!!

Sara: There’s a boy named Nikhil in my class. He would daily get Hide ’n’ Seek Chocolate biscuits and would hide them under his table eat them when Ma’am isn’t looking!!!

Me: Really? And how do you know?

Sara: Because I sat with him today and while he was eating, he offered me one!!!

Me: Wow, but shouldn’t he be eating them during lunchtime???

Sara: Papa, he does eat the remaining ones during lunch but maybe, his tummy is hungry during class also!!!

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