Yet another surprise!!!

Another of those musings with my daughter!!! The sweet evil doll!!!

A little background before I write the incident that surprised me.

My daughter is 4.5years old and like any other toddler would have to be pestered quite a lot to get up in the morning and get ready for school. These days, Delhi is like a burning pan and temperatures are soaring above 45 degrees. This leaves us with a situation when we leave out air conditioners on even during late morning hours. So the only way to pull my daughter out of bed is to switch off both the fan and air conditioner while she’s asleep. She tends to crib for a while but eventually gives in and is awake.

Today’s incident:

Today was Eid in Delhi, and a pleasant holiday for all of us. I decided to sleep in the morning a little longer. I presumed my daughter would also like to sleep long, but sadly she got up early and was in full mood to play with her father. She tried to wake me up and I, while sleeping, kept mumbling to her that since it’s a holiday, can we please sleep a little longer!!!

After having realized that I was in no mood to get up, she goes on to switch off the air conditioner and fan and sit right on the middle of the bed waiting for the prey to give in!!! In no time, I got up feeling hot and sweaty that all my deep slumber was gone. And she was like, come, let’s play now!!!

This little evil doll surprised me today!!!

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