My first 15!!!

You would be wondering your first 15 what???

Well, this is something new for me and news for all of you:-)

I’ve tried and completed my first 15km trial run today and felt terrible and wonderful at the same time. Terrible because it was a task to push a 76kg physical mass in the cold air during wee hours of morning and wonderful because of the awesomeness to have completed the task without an iota of tiredness towards the end.

To be honest, it is too much to ask from a person like me who’s never been athletic, never a sports enthusiast, and especially one who loves animals like sloth, koala bears!!! I’ve always experienced life in slow motion as if trying to replicate the stillness of nature in otherwise a ‘fast paced’ life!!! Now you would be saying if it is 15 km in slow mode, what’s a big deal, Correct??? Well yes, but I ended up completing the 15.02 km in 1:37:56 at 6.31 min/km; which was not bad if not great personally!!!

I would very strongly advise for all serious runners (preparing for half marathons/full marathons/ultra marathon) to start using Asics GEL-KAYANO 26 shoes (link). I personally liked these shoes for my flat feet and with interlocking mechanism which do not let your foot to curve in/bend in around arch!!! Go and try!!!

I would also like to advise people to start using anti-chaffing creams like Veseline petroleum jelly (link) for feet/chest/arms etc.

I’ve started preparing for half marathon (21.097km) now and hope to write another post on my first 21km soon!!! To summarize here are my vitals/statistics of today’s run:

Distance: 15.02km

Time: 1:37:56

Pace: 6.31 min/km

Calories: 981

Average Heart Rate: 166bpm

Max. Heart Rate: 179bpm

Cadence: 161 steps per min.


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