A night that never had a morning

I’ve composed silent narrative poetry between two strangers (a boy and a girl), hope you enjoy reading it.

I thought it would be a long night, as I walked alone on the street,

It was time for me to get back home when my heart skipped a beat!!!

Though the late-night party was over, I strolled around with not much to care,

Until I saw her walking alone, and my eyes continued to stare!!!

I saw her and she flinched in the jacket she wore,

He saw me and I wondered if his thoughts galore?

I was afraid, what was she doing with nobody around?

I felt uneasy, I’d thought I’ll be walking home in nature’s sound!!!

Wanted to stop and ask if she needs any help? But what if she gets me wrong?

What if he is up to something? Oh God, this distance now seemed too long!!!

I moved fast, feeling so powerful in the emptiness of space.

I slowed down, saw his pounding steps, and never dared to see the face!!!

What if he makes a move and approach, how do I handle it then?

What if somebody stalks her tonight? Does she even realize the ‘cruelty’ of men?

I felt tensed and my neck was garlanded with sweat,

The night is too cold, I wonder, could she be feeling any threat???

Now that we’ll go past each other, should I ward him off or ignore?

Soon that she’ll not be here, should I move on or strike a chord???

Once he was gone past, I lifted my eyes to see the route,

My happiness didn’t last for long when I could feel his overbearing silhouette!!!

Once she was gone past, I decided to silently escort,

I was worried about the dangers of the night, that I could only thwart!!!

I soon became numb and started to pace,

When a speeding car hit me in my face,

I became dumb and saw the accident from the corner of my eye,

I wished her to live longer and not die!!!

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