Times during an Epidemic

Now that Covid-19 has engulfed most of the world and has put us either in a Governmental lock-down or self isolation or self quarantine as the situation demands, it is time for us to really not let go off this opportunity. This is the time when the best way one can contribute in doing his/her bit is by practicing staying at home, socially distanced not just for one’s own safety but for the safety of the others.

The Question is what are the options available to recreate/pass time?

Well, I would suggest in case you had a long list of pending tasks to be completed, and wasn’t able to do so due to official commitments/assignments etc., it is great time to be finishing all such pending tasks/chores.

As you all are aware, we are a family of three and with my daughter’s school off, we decided to create quality time for her at home. The following are the list of activities we’ve kept ourselves engaged with during these troubling times:

  • Unorthodox and funky version of Snakes & ladders: So, my wife, ended up enhancing the traditional game of ‘Snakes & ladders’ into a really fun loving, ticklish version where the numbered blocks could talk to you. Believe me, this game is fun to play and keeps us engaged, creates healthy family time and helps in doing a little bit of exercises as well. The best part is one can easily create his/her own version of tasks to be measured/accounted for on the board as shown below:
  • Chess: We end up playing two to three games of chess every day with our daughter and the best part is though she’s a starter, my wife being the best and me being a mediocre, but with continuous practice, my daughter is moving up the learning trajectory while I continue to be relatively mediocre between the two.
Image result for chess

  • Carrom Board: This is yet another family game we love playing on daily basis and enjoy to the fullest with my daughter almost always craving to win the Queen. This is one of the longest fun times during these days.
Image result for carrom
Sample Image
  • Daughter’s cycling while we walk and Badminton are few outdoor activities we usually are engaged on a daily basis.
  • Reading loads of books to our daughter is fun and gives us a chance to look at things from a kid’s perspective. Just to let you know, the biggest decision was taken by us 5 years back when we decided to not buy a Television at home on the occasion of birth of our daughter. And till date, we’ve been very proud of such decision.
  • Games of Guessing & Story telling: While we walk in our house/society complex, two particular games we love playing are Guessing and Story telling.
    • Guessing: In this game, we make a team of two and they are given 15 chances to guess what the 3rd person is thinking about!!! It could be anything and one just need to drop a very basic/rudimentary idea and the game begins. Believe me, it is even more fun when played with a 5 year old listening to the kind of weird questions they could throw at you.
    • Story telling: Here, we end us starting with a small sentence and then turn by turn we go on building a story in no particular direction and try making it exciting or funny or whatever it leads us to.

Hope you all would try few of these ideas and really have a productive time spent with family.

Talk to you soon again, Ciao!!!

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