No more…

Say no more,

I can hear the music of love day & night,

What is left for me to know about this world?

When I see my world through your sight!!!

Show no more,

I can see expression of respect in your deep blue eyes,

With you I get all my strength to fight against odds,

I feel blessed to wake-up with you on every sun-rise!!!

Hear no more,

for all the things everyone has to say about ‘us’,

the sounds of those pebbles have a different folklore to tell,

of our enchanting stories for generations to express!!!

Touch no more,

for my heart is touched by the warmth you embrace,

with drying of tears and the smiles you bring along,

you soak my heart with a kiss on my face!!!

Smell no more,

for those flowers have borrowed the aroma of yours,

Close all your senses to know what you need to find,

“It’s our love”, my love, in every form of nature, in every kind!!!

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