When is my birthday?

This is a conversation between a father and his daughter in an Indian village. Hope you all enjoy reading it as it reflects the problem of being a girl child even in today’s time:

With excitement she asked, “When is my birthday??”

With a spark in her eyes, was ready to wait the whole day!!!

“How old am I and how does one measure one’s growth?”

Gullible & innocent, she looked at me with all the hope…

“Why isn’t there a party like the boys have in here?”

“What comes after ten Papa? I’ve been ten for many years!!!”

“You’ve grown old; but how could you not know how the tick in time makes you what you weren’t a while ago???”

“Or are we the less privileged ones, who accepted this way of life without much ado!!!”

“Every year I see the celebrations here for the birth of God…”

“Why isn’t there one for me as well, isn’t this oddly odd???”

“Another boy down the lane, I see him sharing sweets on his ‘day’”

“With kisses & hugs showered upon, laden with toys & cars made of clay!!!”

“Long time ago, saw another one discarding a doll gift on the street,

I still cherish the same old doll I found in trash, alas with a broken feet!!!”

“Say something Papa, why do I have to talk to a wall of silence?”

“Whom do I go & ask, how it all happened and whence???”

Sad & apologetic, I mustered all the courage to speak,

With my head in shame and all arguments so weak!!!

To tell you the truth, we wanted a boy when you were born…

With monetary burden, on your birth we felt so torn!!!

How the craving for a boy had made us blind,

One generation is lost, for all girls went through the same grind!!!”

I regret what we did and what we did not,

You’ve been the only one to bring us any food,

I lay incapacitated today, burdening you with this life so rude!!!

“I do not remember the date you were born,

But I guess you are thirteen now…

I plead forgiveness from you my darling daughter,

I hope you’ll forgive your ailing father somehow…

Let’s celebrate your birthday today by planting a tree,

I’m sorry to have failed you in life,

I leave my soul to set you free!!!”

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