My Wedding Invitation

Hey Guys,

Today I’ll share with you a composition I prepared as a part of my wedding invitation (Year 2011). Hope you all enjoy reading it:

We met each other & met for good,
I fell in love with her instantly, for me, the time just stood!!!
I cherished looking at her,
While she wondered if we could be together!!!
Feeling nervous and excited,
I wanted to be her soulmate forever!!!
In a flash, I gave my heart away,
She took another day to accept, I suppose this was her way!!!
We learnt to love and loved to learn with every passing day,
eagerly waiting for the day of wedding,
eagerly waiting for the wonderful stay!!!
She says, “my simplicity mesmerizes her”,
I am thankful to God for having made me simple.
Time has come, when we make an aplomb start,
Come & bless the couple, with a pouring heart!!!
We thank our parents, for having made us meet,
We cordially invite you all, for our wedding treat.
Each one of your blessings and wishes count,
Cherish and be a part of the love we discovered between us,
Hear the bells ringing, music play, and the happy sound(s)!!!

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