Black lives matter!!!

Everything in nature isn’t black or white,

then why do we decide, what is wrong, what is right!!!

What would’ve happened if night wasn’t dark?

When would the day start or end, would it have any mark???

Let’s admit,

you aren’t born in this world by your own will,

then why do you discriminate still?

How is the color of your skin better than mine,

A soul has no color but you continue to live the life of a blind!!!

Stars have no identity in the sea of white,

that twinkling brightness only become visible in night,

Black & white depict zero & one of all colors in life,

You choose one over another,

it is life, but a life full of strife!!!

A colored photo shows the world what it’d like to see,

Black & white shows nature in its truest form, the way it would like to be!!!!

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