2N -3D Trip to Cornwall ! – Long Weekend Trip

Cornwall is a county on rugged southwestern tip of England. This has been one place on our bucket list for a long time because of the picturesque scenery of mountains, green pastures, and beaches it has to offer. We visited this place in August 2018.

Day 1

Dyrham Park

We started our trip from London early morning. Since Cornwall is good five and a half hours drive from Ealing Broadway, we planned to have a break/stop on the way. Our first stop was Dyrham Park. It was a slight detour, though it added twenty minutes of drive time, but it was totally worth it. It’s a pretty big park with walking trails and it gave us enough time to interact with a very calm and silent nature!!!

We did the Prospect trail walk (1 hour long), as it had a children’s park where our daughter, Smaira thoroughly enjoyed. Also, you can spot deer throughout the park. Here, you can go all the way up to the palace and return in shuttle buses (free, managed and operated by Park Administration).

Dyrham Park
Prospect Walk in Dyrham Park
Dyrham Park
Deers in Dyrham Park
Dyrham Park
Dyrham Park
Playground in Dyrham Park

Once the trail was finished, it led us all the way back to car park. And, I was shocked to realise that I wasn’t carrying my driving license along.  We stood in silence and dumbstruck. After having driven for 2 hours, this was a moment which made me so helpless with no cash, cards and driving license!!! And to make things worse, my wife, Minal wasn’t carrying her wallet/purse as well. We felt literally stranded at the moment and I immediately checked if the car had enough fuel to go either way. Gladly, the car was full while our pockets were empty. I called up my friend in London who comforted that it is fine to drive without driving license but if stopped over & asked by an officer, one is required to furnish the same in few days. Sigh!!! Relieved!!! Now, we dialled our Airbnb host and asked the lady if she would be willing to lend us GBP 100 once we reach at her place and we’ll pay her back online. Thankfully, she agreed without a flinch and we appreciated her gesture. Double sighed and doubly relieved!!!

The drive to Cornwall is beautiful and we enjoyed the scenic views throughout.

Stay in Cornwall

We could easily locate our Airbnb stay and we instantly fell in love with the whole place, the farm and our petite, lovely & cosy apartment. We met Ros, our host who lived with her son in the adjacent apartment in the same premises. She is very warm and guided us well. Definitely a recommendation for your stay: Link

Smaira happy in her bunk bed in the stay

Suggestion: For first timers locating Ros’s place, please note it’s a dual side narrow carriageway with bushes/green on both sides with Ros’s apartment on one side of the road (just drive a little slow).

We relaxed in the apartment, cooked our dinner and called it a day.

Day 2

Minal & I got up early in the morning and went for a walk around the area while Smaira slept in her bunk bed. It was raining and the weather was lovely that gave an excellent start for the day.

St. Michael Mount

Once Smaira was up, we got ready and the first stop for the day was St. Michael Mount. It continued to drizzle and we thought we might have to skip our plan to go all the way up the mountain to see St. Michaels. St Michaels Mount is connected to mainland through a bridge from the beach. When we started walking on the bridge, the high tide was already on, but the level of water was just touching our shoes and we could walk. But soon after, when we reached midway, Smaira got real scared since the water rose up to her knees in no time. We two were also a bit scared, but we tried to tell her it’s a game and we have to take one big step at a time and we shall be on the other side very soon. We were shocked when we actually reached the other side of the bridge. I turned around to see the bridge has been closed and no more tourists are allowed. We were the last ones to board and move over. These moments and experiences really makes our trips adventurous.

St. Michael Mount
St. Michael Mount
St. Michael Mount
In the see , you can see submerged path to St. Michael Mount

Ticket Price: 12 GBP/adult

The castle is brilliant, there were so many kids activities which Smaira absolutely loved, and the kids were also rewarded with St. Michaels medal after reaching the very top. Smaira still loves her medal to this day and shows off every now and then.

We spent three to four hours and we were soaking wet and very cold. Smaira had ice-cream in the cold and on our return boarded the ferry bringing people back to the shore (the bridge was nowhere to be seen now). We changed to a new pair of clothes in the car; yes, by now, all three of us have become a pro at this. Rain had stopped by now and we went walking around the town and found a yummy eatery, where we spent one hour, had our food, clicked pics and enjoyed the place.

Minack theatre

We also went to Minack theatre, this place is beautiful, we couldn’t get the tickets though!!! If you can manage, it will be a treat to your eyes. Sadly didn’t take any pictures here.

Land’s End

Then we moved on to the Land’s End. By this time it was already evening. There are so many attractions here (all paid). But since we reached here late evening, everything was closed. We enjoyed the quietness of the place though. But to be honest, didn’t really understand the logic of having a commercial hoopla here as Cornwall in itself is so beautiful. One just need an open heart to see the oceans kissing sun, the colours of life in rainbows and the breeze bringing the message from God.

We reached late night at our stay, cooked a meal, and had a good night sleep.

Day 3

Porthcurno Beach

Next day, we went to Porthcurno Beach. This place is an absolute recommendation. The path (around 1 km from car parking) to the beach is quite muddy, narrow & downhill but then it’s not easy to fall here unlike falling in love!!!

The beach was stunning. Minal had recently learned swimming. She tried but what I could capture most of the time was her running back to the shore on encountering a big wave 🙂

Porthcurno Beach
Porthcurno Beach
Porthcurno Beach

After spending about two hours here, it started raining again, we walked uphill (a steep walk), back to our car. We stopped at one of the services to grab some food.

And with heart filled with happy memories, we bid adieu to Cornwall!!!

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