Peppa Pig World!!

Today was the day to see the World through the eyes of a four-year-old kid!!! Yes, we visited Peppa Pig World at Poulton Park. It was Saturday, and our daughter, Smaira was nearly four and above 1-meter in height. You must be wondering why is height important to mention? Read along…

Ticket for a family of three is GBP 105 for a day Trip. We visited the park on July 22,2018.

Peppa Pig World


  1. No ticket is required for child under 1-meter height.
  2. Avoid Weekend and visit during the week to make the most of it!!!

Peppa Pig Park is one of the parks in Poulton Park. There are four other parks apart from Peppa Pig, namely

  1. The Lost Kingdom
  2. Critter Creek
  3. Little Africa
  4. Tornado Spring

The ticket you buy includes rides from all the parks. But since the other parks had more to focus on rides for adults/grown-ups and the love for Peppa Pig Smaira had, it was without a doubt we were going to visit only the PEPPA PIG WORLD!!!

Peppa Pig World

Initially, we thought it to be a little too expensive for a visit, but it was worth it, Smaira is six now, but has very fond memories of this place.

The entrance to the park is grand to say the least, and Smaira was all in love from head to toe on seeing the hoardings/pictures of Peppa, George, Mummy & Daddy Pig right at the beginning. There were mannequins of Peppa Pig characters everywhere.

As we entered the park, on the right was the Peppa Pig house and my daughter could recognize it instantly. We wondered if she would recognise home back in London so quickly 🙂

To be honest, Peppa Pig World for Smaira was a place where Peppa actually lived with her family. For her, everything from the playground rides, to the moving characters came to life!!! She was so much in awe on seeing the helicopter, potato ride, Grandpa and Granny’s home, and so much more.

The staff in the park was truly kind and friendly with the kids. In fact, the park lets even the adults immerse into its innocence and charm that you cannot afford to miss!!!

Being a Saturday, unfortunately, the park was a little too crowded and all the kids had to wait for a long time for their turns, be it slides or swings or photography session!!!

The two best moments for Smaira were when she got to meet both Peppa and George and even had Photo session with her favourite characters; and when she saw Mummy & Daddy Pig roaming around, she immediately went to grab Mummy Pig’s tail, but just for a split second!!! Believe me, the way she was looking at both Peppa and George, it felt like seeing a Chukar bird in love with the moon and gazing it constantly.

We spent entire Saturday in the park and as the crowd started to wane by evening, we tried our luck for the rides/swings Smaira missed during the peak hours (please know that the Park closes at 5 in the evening). Gladly, she thoroughly enjoyed being here and slept the entire journey back home!!!

Finally, she bought the Peppa Pig Water Bottle

If you are still in doubts about visiting the park, we assure you, kids would love this place!!! There is no denial that the tickets are a bit expensive, but if your child is totally in love with Peppa Pig cartoon, loves reading/having read as many Peppa Pig books, this place is worth every penny for the grandeur, for the arrangements and for the place it is made out to be!!!

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