Fun games for kids to play at home!!!

Covid-19 has taken a toll on all of us including kids grappling with their own share of issues. Today, we present a small compilation of few fun games, which we explored before and during this lock down not only to play with our daughter, Smaira but also to keep her engaged as well. Most of the games listed here would be appropriate for 6 years old kids, but again every kid is different.

Note: The list presented here is of the games we played with Smaira which did trigger nerve stimulus and improved her focus as well. We did not have a television at home (until end September), so these additions along with the earlier bought games really kept us all occupied.

Snakes and Ladders (4 years and above) – Easy to grasp with an element of Math!!!

Yes, it tops our list even though it is an age-old game. This is the game our daughter started playing when she was 4 and still loves to play. This was one game which cultivated the idea of oral addition in her brain.

Link for the game:

Monopoly Junior (5 years and above) – Long duration game which develops the hold on denominations!!!

This is Smaira’s favourite game amongst all and has been playing since the age of 5. With the help of this game, she understood the concept of different denominations, the need for money, and the role ‘luck’ plays in one’s life.

Link for the game:

Uno (5 years and above) – The game Smaira is most excited about!!

This game really got Smaira blazing!!! She was quick to learn the rules of the game and this game has really got her thinking smartly about the next moves to be made!!!

Link for the game:

Here’s a link of Minal and Smaira explaining how to play this game:  

The game of Dobble (5 and above) – Ready to race against Smaira’s speed!!!

This was one game Smaira had lot of difficulty to start with. When we started, she wasn’t fast and this game is all about speed. She was always the one who would lose no matter what. But believe me, in a short span, her power of observation improved so much and the improvement in reflex of a child, simply unbelievable.  Today, the tables have turned and now we find it hard to beat her in this game. She’s got amazingly fast and now we’ve started disliking this game on account of losing to her every time.

Link for the game:

Skip Bo Card Game (6 years and above) – It is luck that plays the trick!!

This was the only game which didn’t stimulate any learning as such but cultivate patience. Luck plays more important role than the mind. And Minal is yet to score a win in this game till date.

Link for the game:

Here’s a link of Minal and Smaira explaining how to play this game:  

Puzzle (4 years and above) –Look for the plan in the chaos!!!

We introduced the concept of puzzle solving when Smaira was 4 years old. She initially found it challenging to put the pieces together. But gradually she improved and now she’s at a stage where we end up supplying pieces to her for her to solve the entire puzzle; we work like assistants here.

Link for the game:

Also, we have recently upgraded to the following puzzles which she absolutely loves:

Another important update:

In January 2020; we started teaching her badminton to keep her physically active. We became more regular at these sessions during this lock down and here is a recent play session of Smaira playing with me:

Hope you like this compilation. Let me know if you have more games that you play with your kids and we would love to add it to our list.

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