Greenwich Park & Cutty Sark – Day Trip in London

Hey guys, today we bring to you our day trip to Greenwich, popularly known as the ‘Greenwich Meridian’ (Zero degree longitude) or ‘Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT)’.  Greenwich Park is a fun place particularly for kids with a lot of hustle-bustle and people strolling around. Do take picnic lunch to have a relaxing weekend day and sleep in the nature’s lap!!!

We lived in Ealing Broadway, London, so we boarded the Central Line and then DLR line to get down at Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich Stop. Walk for 500mts approx. for the park from here.

Greenwich Park 

Greenwich Park is one of the largest single green spaces in London and covers 74 hectares of land and is part of the Greenwich World Heritage Site. We’ve visited the Park many times; in fact, we liked this place so much that whenever we had any visitors from India, we would certainly bring them here!!!

A mat/ball/Frisbee/your favourite book/scooter for kids really comes in handy since you would not only enjoy London Sun, but can also have a very eventful day.

Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park Hill Top

There are many small hills in the park to relax and enjoy the beautiful view from the top. You can see the London skyline from here and that too free of cost. Unfortunately we did not take any pic of the same

Royal Observatory Greenwich

One can head to the Royal Observatory Greenwich in the Park as well.  The Royal Observatory is situated on a hill in the Park overlooking River Thames. This place is quite famous and has played a major role historically in the fields of astronomy and navigation, and because the prime meridian passes through it, it gave its name to Greenwich Mean Time i.e. GMT. You can buy a tour and learn how navigation was undertaken in the old days, the study related to the field of time and travel etc. Also, you will be given a 2-piece audio guide as well. We could hardly listen since our daughter, Smaira was quite young at that time, and unfortunately the observatory was crowded; so, we had to rush outside.

Royal Observatory Greenwich
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Royal Observatory Greenwich – Prime Meridian

Cutty Sark

Walk to Cutty Sark is 1 km long; do plan to reach here by supper time. It is buzzing with people, shops, and street artists during this hour that it almost feels like getting transformed into a roaring lion full of energy!!!

On the way to Cutty Sark
Cutty Sark Model

In the centre stands a large decommissioned ship. You can buy a ticket to get a tour inside this old ship (built in 1869).

Cutty Sark Ship
Inside the Cutty Sark Ship
Inside the Cutty Sark Ship
Inside the Cutty Sark Ship

I personally felt it worth the money to get the old ship and learn its history. There’s a small video as well that is played out for the visitors explaining how it used to carry tea back from China; how Cutty Sark visited nearly every major port in the world and gained fame for its record-creating journeys.
If you plan to buy/or not buy the ticket to this iconic ship, do check out the area as it gets quite lively and buzzing during evening hours. You can get food from local vendors, sit on the steps and can enjoy watching the ship from outside.

Greenwich Market

On the way back, you can stop at the market. There are narrow alley and lot of vintage stuff you can buy from here. Even if you do not plan to buy anything, do visit the market for its charm. Since we got busy shopping , forgot to take a pic 😉

After having spent an entire day splendidly, we returned home tired hoping to be back here soon!!!

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